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KRAFTHAUS is a boutique video, digital, motion graphics, line production & TV commercial production house based in Wellington, New Zealand.

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Krafthaus is a boutique TV commercial and video production house based in Wellington, New Zealand.

In a nutshell – we do TV Commercials, Corporate video communications, Government and Multi-media video production, web video content and motion graphics.

Krafthaus is an award-winning team of experienced producers, directors, writers, editors and motion graphic designers. We offer world class, medium to high-end film and video production with a strong design and communication focus.


Krafthaus is headed by Director/Producer David Stubbs and Producer Carly Neemia.

We’ve been around for 11 years. We’re still working with people we worked with when we started.

That says a lot. Sure, the Awards help. But people don’t come back to work with us because we’ve won awards. They’re back because we’re great collaborators, bring strategic smarts to any project we work on, and because we have a good eye for what looks great and makes a story sing.


Krafthaus & David Stubbs:

  • Grand Prix & Gold RSVP awards winner at the NZ Marketing Assoc Direct & Interactive Awards.
  • Kodak NZ Music Video Awards Finalist two years running.
  • Featured on The UK Shots TVC Reel.
  • Three Broadcast Design Best of Category Awards for NZ Design Awards(the Best Awards)

For KHF Media, Directors David Stubbs and Thomas Robins:

  • International Emmy Award winner 2010.
  • International Emmy nomination in 2011.
  • Qantas Film & Television award winner.
  • TUANZ interactive technology award.

Contact Us

David Stubbs + 64 4 274524711

Carly Neemia + 64 4 272239190


+64 4 384 3446

171 Vivian St

P.O. Box 9679
Wellington 6011
New Zealand

New Projects

Icebreaker Lucky Dip
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Deaf Aotearoa
Colgate Total
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The Very Hungry Gerrypillar

Selected Projects


Trade Me

One in a series of mini web documentaries following job seekers. This was produced and released each week, so the audience got to experience the highs and lows of the job hunt alongside our candidates. Lots of great job seeking tips here too.


Earthquake Campaign

One in a series of public health TVCs made with Y&R in the days immediately after the Christchurch Earthquakes. All the featured talent generously donated their time and the local crew were pretty stoic considering what they were going through themselves. Directed by Amy O'Connor and David Stubbs.


Icebreaker Lucky Dip

Cheeky viral for Y&R to launch Icebreaker’s Merino Lucky Dip sheep. Directed by David Stubbs with VFX by Lucas Brooking. Produced by Carly Neemia.


Colgate Total

Shiny motion graphics work by Krafthaus motion-graphics guru Lucas Brooking.